The Combined Cadet Force is now up and running in the Academy as a ‘standalone’ Contingent. Students were initially selected from Year 11 who now form the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer element of the Contingent. The Cadets took part in an arduous training week in Scotland in some pretty bleak weather testing their leadership and team work skills. The Contingent now has 30 students from Year 9 that have been issued their uniforms and are starting to undergo training with the help of trained staff and support from the MOD.

The Cadets will be following a tried and tested training programme where they will be instructed in drill, uniform upkeep,  advanced skill at arms, field craft, range firing, first aid, map & compass, camp craft, rifle ranges, assault courses, military knowledge, command tasks, full bore rifle shooting, .22 rifle shooting, leadership training. All this will allow cadets to gain cadet qualifications along the way.

Adventure training is something the cadets will take part in throughout the year. Activities include high wire course, mountain biking, hill walking, climbing, orienteering, canoeing and abseiling to mention a few. Here they will learn technical skills, leadership and how to embrace the outdoors!

The CCF Annual Camp usually takes place on or around the beginning of the Summer holidays where Cadets will enjoy a full military training camp with support from the MOD Cadet Training Team.  Here Cadets will also take part in exercises where they will live under a “poncho” and survive on ration packs whilst carrying out command tasks and challenges.  There will also be time put aside for adventure training.

The CCF is here to help pupils between the ages of 12 and 18 to develop both personally and physically by providing a large range of fun, exciting, challenging and adventurous opportunities.ties.