This page contains a selection of resources that support independent learning. 


The Sixth Form Team has developed a study guide to help you make the most of your Independent Study Time whilst here at The Samworth Church Academy. You can access this resource here.


Reading Links


Resources for Young People in Years 12 and 13

University College London (UCL) has gathered a selection of resources specifically aimed at Year 12 and 13 students, this includes the UCL Study Prep course aimed at Year 13s who want to attend university. The resources can be found here.


TED Talks

A TED Talk is an inspirational story delivered in 15 minutes, easy to digest and take something away from. The entire bank of TED Talks has been categorised and made searchable for your convenience. The resources can be found here.


Big Think

Big ideas in 10 minutes or less. With a library of over 2000 interviews and weekly updates via a newsletter, Big Think gives you ideas to ponder and perhaps come to no conclusion. The resources can be found here.


Study Skills


Brain Bonuses

Loughborough University have put together a bitesize guide to study skills based around the idea of brain training and rewards, certainly worth a read if you are getting started on revising and want some tips! The resource can be found here.


What are Study Skills?

Skills You Need have put together a beginners guide to studying and study skills, looking at development and making studying work for you on an individual level. The resource can be found here.


Study Skills for Sixth Form

The Newcastle University Library has developed a space for Study Skills aimed at Sixth Form students, this includes Using the Library, Finding Resources, Plagiarism and one of the more challenging skills to learn - Referencing. The resource can be found here.


Your Journey Beyond The Samworth Church Academy

Although you will leave us after Year 13 you are still a member of The Samworth Church Academy community and we will always be here if you ever find you need us - don't be afraid to reach out! With this in mind, here are some resources to help you take your next steps.


Open Days

If you are planning on going to university or college after finishing your studies in Sixth Form this tool will be useful for you to check when you can go and have a look around, make sure to take note of whether you will need to book a slot! The tool can be found here.


UCAS Exhibitions

UCAS exhibitions are events designed to help you find your next steps, you can explore both academic and career opportunities, meaning you can have a better idea of what your future might look like. You can find the resource here.


Higher Education Jargon Buster

Jargon is a selection of words or expressions used by professionals in a certain group that are difficult to understand if you are outside the group. You might find that some of the wording used by universities is confusing or unclear - and this is okay! This resource helps you to understand exactly what higher education establishments are trying to communicate. You can find the resource here.


Personal Statements

Your personal statement is a key part of your UCAS application, to the point where your statement might be the difference between you getting or not getting a place at the university you want to go. This resource contains advice and tips on writing your personal statement. We recommend two resources for this, the first is from Loughborough University and can be found here, the other is from UCAS and can be found here.


Student Finance

The world of student finance isn't the easiest to navigate for someone unfamiliar with it, this resource will help you to gain a better understanding of what you can borrow, what you will need to pay back and when you will need to pay it back. You can find the resource here.