The Samworth Church Academy may use images and videos of your child. 

Why do we need your consent?

The academy requests the consent of parents to use images and videos of their child for a variety of different purposes.

Without your consent, the academy will not use images and videos of your child. Similarly, if there are only certain conditions under which you would like images and videos of your child to be used, the academy will abide by the conditions you outline in the parent app (MCAS).

Why do you we use images and videos of your child?

The academy uses images and videos of students as part of displays to celebrate academy life and students’ achievements; for professional training purposes; to promote the academy on social media and on the academy’s website; and for other publicity purposes in printed publications, such as newspapers.

Where the academy uses images of individual students, the name of the student will not be disclosed. Where an individual student is named in a written publication, a photograph of the student will not be used to accompany the text.

If, for example, a student has won an award and their parent would like their name to be published alongside their image, separate consent will be obtained prior to this.

The academy may take images or videos of individual students and groups of students to use on social media, the academy website, in academy prospectuses and other printed publications, such as a newsletter.

Who else uses images and videos of your child?

It is common that the academy is visited by local media and press, who take images or videos of academy events, such as sports days. Students will appear in these images and videos, and these may be published in local or national newspapers, or on approved websites.

What are the conditions of use?

It is the responsibility of parents to update their preferences in the parent app (MCAS) or in writing if consent needs to be withdrawn or amended.

The academy will not use the personal details or full names of any student in an image or video, on our website, in our academy prospectuses or any other printed publications.

The academy may use pictures of students and teachers that have been drawn by students.

The academy may use work created by students.

The academy may use group or class images or videos with general labels, e.g. ‘sports day’.

The academy may take class images or individual images of your child which will be available to purchase.

In accordance with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office, parents/carers are welcome to take videos and digital images of their children at school events (unless notified otherwise) for their own personal use (as such use in not covered by the GDPR).  To respect everyone’s privacy and in some cases protection, these images should not be published or made publicly available on social networking sites, nor should parents/carers comment on any activities involving other pupils/students in the digital/video images.