There are lots of options available to explore when you have finished your education at The Samworth Church Academy Sixth Form. Throughout our Personal Development Programme we will cover and support you through all areas, but to get you started here are some links to explore which will give you some insight into the pathways open to you and some of the key decisions you will need to make in the near future.

Start by watching the video below and the moving onto the links.




The links below all lead to similar resources however we would recommend you have a look at all of them to get a well rounded understanding about your options:

Studential Post-18 Options

National Careers Service Career Choices at 18

UCAS What Can I Do Next?

Career Pilot Things to Consider

Find Your Future Choices at 18



If you want to look further into a specific route after Sixth Form you can look into University, Apprenticeships, Internships and Not Going to Uni by clicking the relevant button below.

University     Apprenticeships

Internships     Not going to uni