What is the Opportunity Trust?

The Samworth Church Academy Opportunity Trust was founded by our Sponsors (Sir David Samworth and the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham) to support the wider work of The Samworth Church Academy. The purpose of Opportunity Trust is to support activities that would not normally be part of the educational provision of the Academy. 

The Trust cannot support staff salaries, normal curriculum resources (e.g. text books or on-line materials) or anything related to the normal operation of the Academy. The Trustees allocate income that accrues from the investment of the endowed funds. They cannot spend the capital. The awards are considered against the purpose of the Trust and the criteria and procedures that the Trustees have established.

The Opportunity Trust has supported students to go abroad and make a difference to people who are in less fortunate situations than ourselves, they have also supported students to take part in sports and other activities that they otherwise could not afford to do, including dancing, skiing, golf and martial arts, amongst a whole host of others.


Applying for a grant

If you are interested in getting some support from the Opportunity Trust fill in a form (download here) and send it in to the Finance Team at finance@tscacademy.org.uk. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of a meeting.