The Music Department can offer students weekly 20 minute instrumental music lessons. The lessons take place during the school day in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. The lessons are timetabled on a rota to avoid students missing the same core curriculum subject more than once per half term, so for example you would only ever be taken out of one Maths lesson in a half term period.

The enrichment opportunity will complement the Music curriculum and allow you to develop your skills on one of the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Guitar (electric, acoustic and bass)
  • Drum kit
  • Woodwind (clarinet, saxophone and flute)
  • Brass (trumpet, trombone, cornet and tuba)

Please note that for a student to get the most from their lessons they will be asked to practice in their own time, this means that students should have access to an instrument at home, if you do not currently have an instrument please contact the Music department so they can advise further. 


Lessons for the final Summer half term (June/July 2024)


Lessons are still available for the final half term of the 23/24 school year. These are priced at £4.70 per week for group lessons, and £9.50 per week for one-to-one lessons.

Students can sign up if they make the following payment by Friday 24th May 2024.

Small group lessons for summer half term: £32.90

Individual lessons for summer half term: £66.50

Please make payment via your My Child At School app.

MyChildAtSchool MCAS


If the financial cost is a barrier we have made some small group lessons available at the cost of £1 per lesson, these are provided by the Opportunity Trust. To apply for these lessons please contact our Finance Team here.