Within this Academy people come first. Everyone will be valued, respected and treated with dignity and will be encouraged to have a say in how their Academy is run. We will provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all faiths or none, serving all in the local area and will be committed to promoting mental and physical wellbeing for all students and staff.

The Academy will aim to prepare students for 70 or more great years after they leave and to enjoy a happy and rewarding life. The Academy will be distinctively Christian in ethos and outlook, giving opportunities for students to understand themselves and how to stay happy and healthy, and to encounter Christianity as a living faith and promoting forgiveness, positivity, empathy, tolerance and mutual respect. There will be no place for bullying or any other form of discrimination.

The Academy aims to provide a fully rounded education for all learners, developing independent thinkers ready to be fully responsible members of the many communities they will join during their lives. We will encourage and support all students to reach their full potential. Students will be presented with a variety of experiences and challenges to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, independent learning skills and team work. The development of these skills will prepare students to live happy, fulfilling and rewarding lives and be good citizens whatever they choose to be. We will create the conditions for an enjoyable and challenging learning environment and our students will learn through successes and setbacks on their journey of self-discovery. We will raise people’s hopes and aspirations and open up the possibilities of what they can become. Individual search for a vocation or a ‘calling’ will be actively encouraged.

Central to Academy life will be achieving high standards. We will work within a business and enterprise culture, expect outstanding leadership, support and guidance at all levels and embrace the outward bound approach as well as the Round Square IDEALS.

Close partnerships with schools, colleges and the wider community will enrich the life of the Academy. We will play an active role in the social and economic development of our local area and develop national and international relationships and links providing service wherever possible.

We recognise the environment is a critical resource for all our futures. In the design and management of our inspirational facilities we will respect and guard this at all times and take our responsibility for environmental stewardship seriously