Opportunities For Businesses

When we teach our students about business at The Samworth Church Academy it's more than just an imaginary task. We want our students exposed to real business complications and to personnel with first-hand experience of running commercial enterprises or working in the business support profession.

As well as being of great benefit to our students, businesses often find it a worthwhile experience and can develop real benefits both personally and for their business   

How can you help?

  1. Act as mentor for one of our students.
  2. Come and be one of our ‘mock interview’ team.
  3. Provide a work placement opportunity.
  4. Talk to students about career opportunities within your profession.

In return …….

  1. Use our facilities for a favourable rate.
  2. Have access for your employees to our training programmes.
  3. Support developing further educational links.
  4. Develop a relationship that can lead to identification of potential new employees for your company.

Linking with genuine industrial partners allows The Samworth Church Academy to plan individual progression plans for students that enable them to function within a working environment, develop intellectual, emotional and social skills that will see them develop into fully included adults.

Our Partners

Our current partners have extensive experience in developing successful businesses, are sensitive to market needs and realize that young people possess an array of talents that can be nurtured to enable them to contribute to a successful business.

At The Samworth Church Academy, we currently have several opportunities for businesses to engage with our students.  For more information, or to make an appointment, please email businessenterprise@tscacademy.org.uk

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