The Library at The Samworth Church Academy houses over 10,000 books in its collection, from classics to graphic novels.  Our full time Literacy Champion, Miss Tucker, works in the Library and is available for any research assistance, book recommendations or any other study questions.


All students at The Samworth Church Academy are welcome and encouraged to borrow up to two books at a time and can renew them as many times as necessary. Books are loaned for two weeks, although this can be extended upon request. Any books that are lost or irreparably damaged can be paid for by notifying and a new replacement copy will be purchased and returned to the shelves.


The Library can be used as a study space and is open at lunchtimes, when there isn't a lesson. The timetable is on the door. We also have an afterschool homework club for any students who would prefer to work in school, need access to the internet or are struggling with completing their homework. This will run 3-4pm on Tuesdays to cater for all year groups.


Access the online Library here.


All of our pupils are encouraged to sign up to Nottinghamshire's Inspire Library Service. This allows them to use any local Library facility including their eBooks and audiobooks online at BorrowBox.

Find out more about Inspire Library Service here.

Find out about BorrowBox here.