Year 8 discover culinary delights with Project Flavour

27 June 2024

Last week students from Year 8 were treated to special culinary sessions as part of Project Flavour.


Students spent time in the Samworth Church Academy allotment, learning about plants we grow for food. One class prepared quesadillas and Eton mess with Lucy Varnava. Another class did ice cream making with Sally Anne Hunt from the School of Artisan Food. Students also learned about how much sugar should be eaten in a day and the effects of energy drinks.




Teacher Jennifer Walker is Team Leader of Food Studies and Project Flavour Lead at the academy, and explains:

“Project Flavour is so valuable, and our students gain so much from taking part. It provides our young people with opportunities not only to learn how to cook and about food being a source of nourishment, - but also the social aspects of making food and eating together. It provides a greater understanding of different cultures, feeding others, trying new foods, learning where ingredients come from, gaining a love of food, and growing and cooking their own produce!  


Students develop the knowledge to make informed choices that can support both physical and mental health, such as what might help them nutritionally during their exams or stressful times they may face in life.  


Emotionally and socially, Project Flavour has provided our young people with an understanding the significance of food, developing a greater appreciation for the role that it plays in their lives and that of others.” 


Project Flavour relies on Opportunity Trust grants and fundraising from Academy+ to keep providing our students with brilliant learning experiences.

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