The £50 Challenge: Be a Game Changer for Academy+!

22 April 2024

The £50 Challenge is all about Samworth Church Academy students helping themselves to get the most out of life! Can you raise £50 to support the awesome programs and experiences Academy+ offers?

Ideas for your £50 Challenge:

  • Unleash your inner entrepreneur: Host a bake sale or even pet-sitting services.
  • Get creative: Sell handmade crafts or tutorials.
  • Channel your inner influencer: Spread the word on social media - your friends and family can sponsor you from all over the world.
  • Team up and join forces with friends: Organise a talent show, a movie marathon fundraiser, or even a sponsored silence!
  • Community spirit: Do a sponsored litter pick and help your local community sparkle.

Every penny counts! Reach your £50 goal and inspire others to join in!

Share your fundraising journey and success stories with us here.

Your fundraising will help us run programs like Project Flavour, where students learn key cooking skills and the importance of nutrition, and Project Can Do, a 14-week course that teaches students the skills they need for the world of work. We also offer a work experience program that provides students with valuable placements in local companies.

Get more out of your school days with Academy+.


Fundraising ideas

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