The Samworth Church Academy bags £1,500 from Tesco’s Stronger Starts scheme

14 March 2024

‘Project Flavour’, an initiative developed at The Samworth Church Academy to teach students about nutrition and food preparation, has been told it will receive a £1500 grant from Tesco’s Stronger Starts scheme.  


Tesco’s £5m grant programme, in partnership with Groundwork UK, aims to boost funds for extra food and activity equipment to give children across the UK a stronger start in life. The grants will support schools and children’s groups to provide nutritious food and healthy activities that promote young people’s physical health and mental wellbeing, such as breakfast clubs or snacks, and equipment for healthy activities. 


The Samworth Church Academy’s ‘Project Flavour’ initiative is receiving the grant for its work teaching an appreciation of ingredients and nutrition, as well as developing practical cooking skills that students can employ throughout their life.  


Students taking part in ‘Project Flavour’ have enjoyed visits to The School of Artisan Food, where they tried their hand at Ukrainian pancakes and creating their own sausages from scratch. They have also learnt the art of fire making and bushcraft with ‘Way Back Skills’. 


Teacher Jennifer Walker is Team Leader of Food Studies and Project Flavour Lead at the academy and says the grant will be put to good use. “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the Tesco’s Stronger Starts grant and plan to use the money to further fund our project, allowing more students the opportunity to take part, get involved and make the project even bigger! We are incredibly grateful.  


“Project Flavour is so valuable, and our students gain so much from taking part. It provides our young people with opportunities not only to learn how to cook and about food being a source of nourishment, -but also the social aspects of making food and eating together. It provides a greater understanding of different cultures, feeding others, trying new foods, learning where ingredients come from, gaining a love of food, and growing and cooking their own produce!  


“Students develop the knowledge to make informed choices that can support both physical and mental health, such as what might help them nutritionally during their exams or stressful times they may face in life.  


“Emotionally and socially, Project Flavour has provided our young people with an understanding the significance of food, developing a greater appreciation for the role that it plays in their lives and that of others.” 

Year 10 students learning vital life skills as part of Project Flavour.

Student Zarin in year 8 said, “I like how Project Flavour shows us what people from other cultures eat.  I like how we get to experience using things in the kitchen like the stoves and the new foods we try.” Year 8 student Cherry said, “I really love Project Flavour because it lets your inner chef to burst out of its shell!  I also like it because you get to explore the world of foods and get prepared for adult life, so you know how to cook and nourish yourself.  I also like taking the recipes home so I can make them there.” 


Student Ava, Year 8 said, “I really like Project Flavour as I like the freedom it gives you to make and try new foods.  Also, I like how you get to grow things individually and help out and use recipes at home and show our carers.   It's taught me how to use things in the kitchen that I didn't know before.”  


Tesco’s Stronger Starts – previously Tesco Bags of Help and Tesco Community Grants - has already provided over £110 million to more than 60,000 projects across Britain. 


Lisa McVeigh, Principal at The Samworth Church Academy said, “This grant will help us with our plans to extend Project Flavour, introducing even more food related sessions to more of our students. We hope the valuable life skills Project Flavour develops in our students will benefit them for the rest of their lives.” 


Claire de Silva, Tesco UK Head of Communities and Local Media, said, “Helping schools and children’s groups access the food and resources they need is vitally important in getting children a stronger start in life. Children with enough food have more energy, better concentration, and ultimately achieve more too." 


Graham Duxbury, Groundwork’s UK Chief Executive, said: “As a community charity, we have seen first-hand how schools and other groups supporting young people have been playing a much bigger role in ensuring children are getting a healthy start to the day and getting access to spaces and services to support physical activity and mental health. Family budgets are tight and school budgets are tight, but it’s so important that children stay fed, fit and focused, so we’re delighted to be able to prioritise these activities alongside Tesco with the Stronger Starts programme.” 


Funding is available to community groups and charities looking to fund local projects that bring benefits to communities. To find out more visit 

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