How is the Academy different from other schools?

As with all schools, the Academy aims to help all of its pupils to get the most out of their time at school and provide them with the skills and confidence to make choices about their futures.

But Academies are different in some ways. For example:

They are independent schools funded directly by the government.
They have sponsors who invest their own money, time and energy in the Academy.
They are run as a charitable trust by a board of governors.
They have a specialism in one or more areas of the curriculum. In the case of this Academy, the specialism is in Business and Enterprise.
They aim to provide a school that will bring major benefits to the local community.

When did the Academy open?

The Academy opened in September 2008 in the old Sherwood Hall School buildings. All existing students automatically transferred to the Academy.

Which age groups attend the Academy?

We have 1050 students in Years 7 to 11 with 250 places in the sixth form.

Who will get a place at the Academy?

This will be a local school for local children. All new applicants to the school will be admitted if there are enough places.

If we are oversubscribed, pupils will be admitted according to the priorities which will be set out in our Admissions Policy. The Policy will favour children currently attending one of our feeder primary schools and those with brothers and sisters at the school.  Please navigate to New Students and Parents.  Children with an SEN statement naming the Academy will be admitted first, and then children in public care.

What is the specialism of the Academy?

The Academy will specialise in Business and Enterprise. The Academy will provide students with a good all-round education, including both academic and vocational courses, with an emphasis on Business and Enterprise.

By specialising in Business and Enterprise it will help students to learn how to be an entrepreneur and how the world of industry works.

Who are the sponsors of the Academy?

The joint sponsors of the Academy are retired local businessman, Sir David Samworth, who used to run the Samworth Brothers Group of Companies and the Reverend Dr Howard Worsley, Director of Education for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham.

Will pupils for the Academy be selected on the basis of religion?

No. Although one of the sponsors is the Church of England, the Academy will welcome students of all faiths and none.

However, it will have a strong Christian ethos based on Christian traditions and teaching, working actively against discrimination and social exclusion and respecting the beliefs and practices of others.

Will the pupils have to take a test to get into the Academy?

No. The Academy is not selective – it is a local school for local children.

Will parents and the community be able to contribute to some of the decisions about the Academy?

Yes. Some decisions were made early in the process and therefore parents and the community have not been involved in these.

However, there will be some areas where the Academy will want the views of parents and the community. When this happens, they will get in touch and invite views.

What is in the curriculum?

The Academy provides a broad and balanced curriculum offering a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications. Students are able to move to the next stage of their education when they are ready without having to wait for others to catch them up. All students acquire the skills necessary for a good start in life. The curriculum will have a particular focus on business and enterprise, the Academy’s specialism.

What do the sponsors do?

The sponsors, Sir David Samworth and the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, help to set the vision, ethos and general direction of the school and they also appoint the Principal and most of the governors.

They give their time, money and commitment to help set up the school.


Should you wish to contact the Academy with any further enquires or comments please click here.