The Samworth Church Academy

Customer Charter


  1. The receptionist will aim to respond to your telephone call by the 5th or 6th ring where possible.
  2. We will respond to enquiries politely and professionally and will aim to respond by the end of the school day, if possible.
  3. If the person you would like to speak to is unavailable, we will try to return your call within two working days of their return.  The receptionist will take your name, telephone number, the name of your child and a brief description about your enquiry.  It is essential that we have up to date contact numbers.
  4. It would be helpful if you could give details of your enquiry to the receptionist or Student Information Services so they can direct your call to the most appropriate person.
  5. If possible when we call you, we will leave a staff name and brief message if there is no response to a telephone call.  We will inform the receptionist and Student Information Services if we have left you such a message.
  6. We may send texts to keep you informed.
  7. In an emergency situation, we will action your call immediately in the most appropriate manner depending on the situation.

Letters and e-communications

  1. We will aim to respond to letters and e-communications professionally and politely and in the Academy standard format.
  2. We will aim to respond to letters and emails within 24 hours of receipt.  This may include a ‘holding’ letter or email pending further enquiries.


  1. Visitors will be greeted in a polite and friendly manner and we will provide access to a private room, if necessary.  On arrival at the Academy, you will be acknowledged within two minutes by the receptionist.
  2. Visitors will be collected by the person they are meeting or their representative and escorted to and from reception.
  3. We cannot always guarantee that someone is able to meet you there and then if you do not have an appointment.  Therefore it is advisable to telephone or email to arrange an appointment.