Skills gained/developed:

  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Research skills
  • Essay writing
  • Independent skills


A level: 1 exam (1.5 hours), 3 units of coursework over the two year period.

Grade 4 in GCSE English or equivalent subject.

Psychological approaches and applications

Students will learn the key psychological views on behaviour and apply them to real world situations such as business and health.  As well as evaluate their effectiveness in understanding human behaviour.

Conducting Psychological Research

Students will learn how Psychology gains its information and conduct their own research into human behaviour.  this includes types of experiments and data, how to plan research effectively and ethically.

Health Psychology

Students will learn the definitions of ill-health as well as look at key health issues that Psychology tries to explain and modify including:

  • stress and effects on individuals
  • behavioural and psychological addition
  • theories of persuasion and treating ill-health


Students will learn the origins and how to identify key mental health disorders including:

  • explaining mental illness
  • treating mental illness

A BTEC in applied Psychology will equip you for further study or a career in Psychology, Social Sciences, Criminology, Education, Mental Health, Counselling, Social Work, Public Services e.g. Police, Nursing, Fire Service, Market Research, Child Care, Ergonomics, Advertising, Public Relations and Recruitment.