Topics covered include complex numbers, proof, matrices, series, further mechanics, further discrete mathematics.

Assessment of students is all through exams at the end of Year 13.

GCSE Maths Grade 8 or 9

In Year 1 students study AS further maths alongside AS level maths, in additional lessons, and covers new topics to broaden students' knowledge.  Students will enjoy 5 A level maths and 4 further maths lessons (9 maths lessons in total).

In Year 2 students taking Further Mathematics overwhelmingly find it to be an enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating and empowering experience.  It is a challenging qualification which both extends and deepens your knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A level Mathematics.  Students who do it often say it is their favourite subject.  Students develop skills of independence, collaboration, resilience and logical argument.

Further Mathematics makes the transition from Sixth Form to university courses which are mathematically rich that much easier as more of the first year course content will be familiar.

If you are planning to take a degree such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics, etc., or perhaps Mathematics itself you will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics.