Year 1

  • Students will be expected to complete the 'wider reading' and research requirements in their own time.
  • the first year will introduce students to the key concepts, theories and terminology used in the study of film.  No prior experience of Film or Media Studies is required.
  • Students will study a total of 6 films in depth from across time periods and from both American and British perspectives.

Year 2

  • Students will study a total of 5 films in depth from a range of different cultures and nationalities as well as documentary and experimental filmmaking.
  • Students will complete their coursework piece which entails making either a short film or a fully-realised screenplay.  Both choices also require a fully photographed storyboard to be completed.

Grade 6 in GCSE English

2 exam papers each worth 35%.

Exam paper 1 - Varieties of film and film making

Exam paper 2 - Global film making perspectives

1 non-exam assessment worth 30% creating a short film or a screenplay.

This course could directly lead to a BA in Film Studies, Journalism, Filmmaking/production courses, Education or towards the study of another Arts-based degree.  The practical skills gained during the course could lead to a degree in Film Production, Media Production or Broadcast Media.

In turn this could lead to Careers in the television and film industries, journalism, media production (filming, editing, photography, design), marketing and promotion, research and education.