Examination Board:  AQA

Are you interested in Film, Television, Magazines, Newspapers, Video Games and Music?

Are you intrigued to find out how these industries work, how they create their products and how they persuade us to buy them?

Do you have an imaginative and creative mind and think you would enjoy the hands on experience of creating your own media products?

Then why not enjoy doing something different and consider Media Studies?

During the course you will gain knowledge of the media, develop your analytical skills and then design your own media products. You might design a new CD cover, create your own film trailer, produce your own magazine, create your own advertisement and much more!

The course is assessed through 60% coursework and 40% examination (which is a pre-seen exam).  So, if you enjoy being creative, thinking outside the box and would like to learn more about how the media works and influences our lives, then this might just be the course for you!