Examination Board;  Edexcel

Geography will help to prepare you for life in modern society.  The GCSE course will equip you with many important skills and areas of knowledge and understanding relevant to your present and future life.  You will follow 3 separate units which will make up your GCSE.

  1. Global Geographical Issues – In this unit we will look at the hazardous earth which looks at the earth’s climate, how it has changed and the hazards such as hurricanes. This topic will also look at hazards such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  2. The second topic will look at development and how areas around the world change overtime and the impact that this will have. The final topic is the challenges facing the urbanised world looking the problems many cities face around the world (1 hour 30 minute exam).
  3. UK Geographical Issues- In this topic we will look at the physical landscape of the UK in particular coastal areas and river landscapes. We will also look at how human landscape has changed in particular rural and urban areas. This unit will also involve some fieldwork to help answer the exam questions (1 hour 30 minute exam)
  4. Making geographical decisions – This unit we will look at how people are using the biosphere (tropical rainforest) and the impact that this is having and how forests are now under threat. We will also look at how energy resources are changing and the impact that this is having. In the exam students will be given a scenario where they need to make a decision. (1 hour 30 minute exam)

Geography GCSE makes the best possible use of your abilities. Students who study Geography develop skills which will make them employable including: communication, social, economic and environmental awareness, problem solving, teamwork and flexible thinking. There are lots of new and interesting issues and ideas to be explored in GCSE Geography and lots of places around the world to study. It is also part of the English Baccalaureate.  Hope to see you there!