Examination Board;  AQA

Welcome to The Samworth Church Academy English Department, where we travel back in time and journey into the far corners of the Earth.  As an innovative and proactive department, we are constantly re-writing the curriculum to enhance the quality of teaching and learning: this year, we have added the study of ‘Our Day Out’ by the acclaimed Willy Russell and we continue to incorporate Literacy lessons within contextually relevant schemes of work. Highly engaging lessons are planned and delivered, and our students are encouraged to excel.  As is the Academy motto, we expect all our students to be the best they can be so that they can progress from simple identification, to writing an evaluative response. We offer a wide range of support and intervention, where necessary, in order to allow our students to achieve this.  

We study and prepare students to be examined on the following:

Understanding and producing non-fiction texts: an exploration of literary fiction, non-fiction and literary non-fiction texts, with a specific focus on how these texts are written to achieve their purpose, and how writers achieve the effects they do; Students are also required to produce their own texts for similar purposes.

Spoken Language Endorsement, this will enable students to present to an audience and discuss topical issues in a measured and considered way.

English Language Revision Material

English Language revision Bitesize: https://www.bbc.com/education/examspecs/zcbchv4

Revision guide for both papers: http://www.ktemplar.herts.sch.uk/Learning/English/GCSE_English_Language_Papers_1_and_2_Revision_Guide.pdf


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