Examination Board:  AQA

If you choose to study Business Studies you will study REAL businesses, from your local market stalls to huge multinationals such as McDonalds. You may even get the opportunity to work with business mentors from companies such as Coca-Cola on real life business projects.

As a Business student you will also get the opportunity to run your own business, selling a product that you have created. Through this you will learn to lead a team, manage finances, cope with change, and understand how outside factors such as new technology or environmental issues can affect a business. You could even make a lot of money!

GCSE Business Studies is built around three units:

  • Setting up a Business: An introduction to setting up and running a small business (1 hour exam).
  • Growing as a Business: How to manage a larger business and global issues affecting businesses. (1 hour exam).
  • Controlled assessment: An individual research task where you will have to advise a real local business owner on how to improve an aspect of their business.

This is a traditional GCSE course worth 1 GCSE at grades A*-G. If you are a little unsure of what career you want to pursue, Business Studies is the ideal option to give you a broad range of skills and knowledge of how most businesses work, including how to make yourself more employable and entrepreneurial.