Examination Board:  AQA

A-level Maths provides students with a thorough grounding in the mathematical tools and techniques often needed in the workplace. The logic and reasoning skills developed by studying A-level Maths make sure the qualification is widely respected even in non-mathematical arenas. 

Students gain and develop skills in:

  • Argument, Logic and Proof
  • Problem solving
  • Modelling

Grade 7 in GCSE Maths

In Year 12 students will study co-ordinate geometry, calculus, graphs, algebra work and deepen our understanding of trigonometry.

In Year 13 we continue with these topics and also learn more about vectors.  Over both years we study statistics including probability and the normal distribution.  We also study mechanics, including Newton’s Laws of Motion and constant acceleration formulae.

Degrees in:

Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Psychology, Architecture

Careers in:

Any field that needs hard-working, independent, intelligent people with the transferable skills provided by an A-Level in mathematics.