Examination Board:  Edexcel

A-level History provides a broad, coherent and satisfying course of study for students exploring the following.

  • Appreciation and explanation of History in depth
  • Understanding of themes in History
  • Source and interpretation analysis
  • Essay writing and evaluation of causation and significance.

Grade 6 in GCSE History or Religious Studies

Grade 5 in GCSE English 

Students gain and develop skills in:

  • Britain transformed, 1918–97, Theme 1: A changing political and economic environment, 1918–79, Theme 2: Creating a welfare state, 1918–79, Theme 3: Society in transition, 1918–79, Theme 4: The changing quality of life, 1918–79 and Debate: What impact did Thatcher’s governments (1970–90) have on Britain, 1979–97?
  • The USA, c1920–55: boom, bust and recovery or The USA, 1955–92: conformity and challenge.
  • Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII, 1399–1509. Explore the dramatic developments in late medieval England that centred around the personalities and political skills of a series of kings, queens and their powerful subjects, and the impact of these developments on the kingdom.
  • Russian Revolution-coursework question - Historians have disagreed about the causes of the Russian Revolution (1917). What is your view about the cause of the Russian Revolution?  

Assessment Methods

In Year 12 – One Breadth Study with interpretations – 2hr 15 min exam

One Depth Study with Sources - 1hr 30 minutes exam

In Year 13 - One theme in breadth with aspects in depth– 2hr 15 min exam, Coursework - One 3000-4000 word essay on a historical question of the student’s choice.


Careers in Law, Journalism, teaching, Librarianship, research, politics, psychology, museum work and archaeology, architecture, archives and antiques.