Embarking on your journey through Year 7 at the Samworth Church Academy is a thrilling adventure filled with new subjects, faces, and experiences! Your timetable is the map that will guide you through each school day, ensuring you know where you're supposed to be and when you're supposed to be there.


Here is a simple guide to reading your timetable

  • Each day is divided into periods (labelled as P1, P2, etc.), and each period corresponds to a specific class.
  • The subjects you'll study include exciting topics like English Language, Mathematics, Science, and so much more!
  • Look out for PE (Physical Education) days to remember your kit, and keep an eye on when you have subjects like Art and Technology to let your creativity flow.
  • Your tutor time is a great moment to get organised and set goals for the day ahead.


Now, let's practice using a real year seven timetable with a few questions.


What is the first subject on Monday and what time does it start?

Can you spot when this Year Seven has Science on Tuesday?

Which period on Wednesday do they have PE, and who is their teacher?