For three days in July, you'll take your first steps into life at the Samworth Church Academy during the transition days. This is where your Year 7 journey begins!


Here’s what’s in store for you


Getting to know us

You’ll meet some very important people who will be there to guide you through your school journey:

Ms McVeigh, the Principal: She’s like the captain of our ship, leading the way.

Your Year Seven Team: This includes an Executive Lead, who looks after the whole year group; a Learning Manager, who’s a champion for your emotional well-being; and a Recovery Lead, who’s like your personal academic trainer.

Alex, the Chaplain: Think of Alex as your go-to person for all things related to school values and spirit.

Miss Tucker, the Librarian: She’s the guardian of all the amazing stories and books you'll explore.

Your Tutor: Consider them as your go to person, there to help you every step of the way. You’ll see them everyday once you start Samworth.

And don’t forget, Mrs Humber, the Transition Lead, will be around to make sure all your worries are heard and taken care of.


Your Three-Day Adventure


Tutor Group Time: You’ll join your new friends and become a mini family in your tutor group. Our Student Leadership Team will be your friendly guides, so there's no chance of getting lost in the new world of Samworth.

Lesson Tasters: Get a taste of English, Math, Science, and Religious Studies with lots of new teachers – don’t worry if you can’t remember all their names.

Library Session: Miss Tucker will show you all the treasures the library has to offer.

Values Session with Alex: Dive into what makes our Academy a special community.

The Academy Way: You’ll find out what it means to be part of the Samworth family.


Important Bits to Remember


Dress Code: Wear your proud primary school uniform.

Food's On Us: Breakfast and lunch will be provided, so you can focus on having fun and learning.

Bring Your Equipment: Pack your pencil case and bag.


Transition days are your first peek into what life at Samworth Church will be like, and we can't wait to welcome you aboard. Bring your smiles, your excitement, and let's make some memories!