The Library is open from 8.00 am until 4.00 pm every day, including breaks and lunchtimes, for reading, researching and doing homework.

The Library at The Samworth Church Academy houses over 10,000 books in its collection, as well as having 15 networked PCs for staff and student use. These are available before and after school, breaks and lunchtime and are available for class use during lesson time.  We have a full time, qualified librarian who is available for any homework help, research assistance, book recommendations or any other study questions.

We have around 6,000 works of fiction, including the latest young adult novels, middle grade fiction, illustrated and picture books and everything that could reasonably be called a classic.  All the shortlisted titles of all major children’s literature prizes are available to all students.  We have a small, but always growing selection of comics, manga and graphic novels, short stories, quick reads and all the best series. The stock is updated and renewed constantly and we always welcome requests and suggestions from our students for things that they would like to see added to the library’s shelves.

In our non-fiction section, there are materials to support the Academy’s curriculum, as well as poetry, plays, biographies, fact and information books and general interest materials; everything from Ancient Rome to Minecraft. We also have a careers library for students making important decisions and planning their next steps.

Any student at The Samworth Church Academy is welcome and encouraged to borrow up to two books at a time and can renew them as many times as necessary. Books are loaned for two weeks, although this can be extended upon request.

Any books that are lost or irreparably damaged can be paid for via WisePay: and then a new replacement copy will be purchased and returned to the shelves.