The different sections and activities that are available for students to participate in can also be closely linked to The Samworth Church Academy’s pledges:

Expedition section – training, practice and final assessment link to Pledge 1 – take part in a residential trip for at least 5 days

Physical section – links to Pledge 2 – represent the Academy or School in sport at least 5 times

Skills section – depending on the activity chosen by the participant this can closely link to Pledge 3 – contribute to a performing arts event (dance, drama, backstage sound and lighting, costume and set design and creation)

Volunteering section – again, depending on the activity, depends on which Pledge may be completed.   For example, if a student plans and runs some fundraising activities for a charity this may count for Pledge 5 – to run at least 5 fundraising activities.   If students volunteer in the local community, maybe to help at an old peoples’ home or a children’s after school club this may complete Pledge 6 – take part in a wider community project. 

The final pledge, Pledge 10, is for students to decide but should be something challenging… This could be fulfilled by completing one, two or all of the Award levels.