Logging onto Office 365 and Teams

  1. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc)
  2. Navigate to https://portal.office.com
  3. Type in your email address

  1. Type in your password



  1. If asked, click on ‘Don’t show this again’ and choose ‘Yes




  1. SamworthLogoLandscape_CMYK.epsOnce Office 365 opens, click on Teams



To attend a scheduled meeting


  1. Once Teams opens select Calendar (1) on the left and then click the meeting (2) and click Join


To go into a Team

  1. Select Teams on the left and click on the team you want.


Any problems, please contact IT support as below-:

Mr Kirkland or Mr Bentley   support@tscacademy.org.uk


We look forward to you joining us on Microsoft Teams!