The Samworth Church Academy

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to create an environment that provides the best start to a bright future for all our students, by giving them all the opportunity to be fully qualified for adult life, in the fullest sense of the term.

We realise this vision by offering a broad range of courses, to cater for as many interests and abilities as possible. We also work in partnership with other Mansfield schools to maximise opportunity. To broaden the educational experience we have introduced Sport, Dance, Music and Drama into the curriculum. Not just for the select few, but for absolutely everyone. There are many different ways of defining achievement but ours is unusually holistic. Good qualifications are crucial to young people and their futures but we also know that other things are important to prepare young people for the challenges they face.


  • We give all our students the best start for a bright future and help them become the adults they want to be.
  • We welcome, value and respect students of all faiths, or none, and encourage their input in how the Academy is run.
  • We have a distinctively Christian ethos that is tolerant and respectful of everything except bad behaviour and bullying.
  • We raise aspirations and nurture self-confidence so that all our students can raise their expectations of what the future holds.
  • We make quality, leadership and a business and enterprise culture part of daily life in this Academy.
  • We encourage students to challenge themselves and embrace the Outward Bound approach to enjoyable and constructive learning.
  • We play an active role in the community outside the school gates.
  • We respect the environment in all we do.

Academy Ethos

Within this Academy people come first. Everyone is valued, respected and encouraged to have a say in how their Academy is run. We provide a welcoming environment for students of all faiths or none, serving all in the local area.

The Academy prepares students to live happy, fulfilling, rewarding lives and to be good citizens whatever they choose to be. The Academy is distinctively Christian in ethos and outlook, promoting tolerance and mutual respect. There is no place for bullying and other forms of unfair discrimination.

The Academy does this by raising people’s aspirations and opening up the possibilities of what they can become. Our can-do culture nurtures self-confidence and self-esteem. Our students learn through successes and setbacks on their journey of self discovery. Quality, a business and enterprise culture and outstanding leadership at all levels is central to Academy life.

As part of our innovative approach to teaching we encourage students to challenge themselves and to help others, embracing the Outward Bound approach. We have created conditions for enjoyable learning and aim for the highest standards. Close partnerships with schools, colleges and the wider community enrich the life of the Academy. We play an active role in the social and economic development of the area.

Christian Ethos

Our Christianity is at the heart of the Academy's ethos.  So, to promote and encourage Christian values, we think it's important that everyone is involved in an act of collective worship and that all have the opportunity to take an accredited religious course.

We respect the feelings of parents who don't feel comfortable with this, however, and will allow their children to be excluded from religious education provided their objection is explained to the Principal in writing.