We’re pleased to announce that The Samworth Church Academy is part the My School Fund initiative. This innovative scheme allows for us to be able to boost our school’s budget with your help.


How does it work?


Parents, guardians and carers can sign up to the scheme for free and start earning cashback on the things they buy in participating retail stores, including Sainsbury’s and Argos. As you spend you’ll receive 2% cashback in the form of eGift vouchers that can be redeemed in participating stores. By linking your spend to our school on the My School Fund website we’ll also earn 1% cashback on your spend.


Add that all up across our school’s network of families and together we can all make a big difference!


How to get involved


Visit myschoolfund.org to register for free and link to The Samworth Church Academy. From there, everything you spend in participating stores will go towards helping boost our budget, plus your own!


Sign up today at myschoolfund.org