Over the weekend students and staff have visited the Eisriesenwelt ice caves.  After more than 400 feet of hiding to get to the entrance they realised they would have to walk up and back down 700 steps inside the mountain to reach the highest point of the ice caves in freezing temperatures.  The students were fantastic and completed the whole tour which equated to 3 miles, 16000 step round trip.

Students gave their first performance in Strobl bandstand overlooking Lake Wolfgangsee, an absolutely brilliant performance which the audience of tourists and locals seemed to really enjoy.

The day was finished off with a disco, courtesy of DJ Gregor and MC Dilkes, with a special guest appearance from boyband '17'.

Students gave another fantastic performance to a huge audience in the beautiful Mirabell gardens.  The audience really loved the performance and took lots of photos and videos.  Students and staff returned to Saltzburg for lunch and enjoyed a shopping trip.  Students were treated to a Sound of Music tour, stopping off at Hellbrun Castle and Gardens, Santk Gilgen overlooking Lake Wolfgangsee and the Basilica Mondsee.

A brilliant time had by all, performing and exploring Austria together.


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