Year 8 students recently took part in a drop down PSHE event; students rotated around a range of workshops that provided them with useful tips and strategies for supporting their own wellbeing.


Session 1 explored healthy relationships and how to identify and spot unhealthy behaviours.

Session 2 explored being mindful and positive with students, each identifying the things they were grateful for as positivity is a great way to help us cope in difficult times.  Students also explored how being kind to others can improve your own sense of wellbeing.

Session 3 was art relaxation where students took time to colour in whilst listening to music; teaching them the importance of “switching off”.

Session 4 was crafts where students each made a friendship bracelet; there were many students who found it really difficult to plait and it was lovely to see students working together to help each other.  This session taught students about distraction techniques as a useful tool for coping; focussing/concentrating on something else rather than our worries.

Session 5 was yoga strategies and meditation to help support students to relax which many young people often struggle to do.


Each session was designed to help our young people learn how to switch off from daily pressures and take some time to feel relaxed which is proven to help our sense of wellbeing.



Year 8 PSHE