Four students from the Academy entered the National Street Golf Competition at Beedles Lake Golf Club in Leicester on the 9th May.  The framework consisted of teams of four players split into pairs aged between 11 and 17 years old.  Students enjoyed the event.  It was a challenging golf course but everyone played really well and put a lot of effort into the competition.  Students worked fantastically in teams, supporting each other and improving their decision making skills as well as their golf.

Results of the competition were as follows:

  1. Countesthorpe Leysland  – 62 points
  2. Chesterfield College 1  – 57 points
  3. Chesterfield College 2  – 53 points
  4. Thomas Estley  – 48 points
  5. Ashfield School 1 – 37 points
  6. The Samworth Church Academy  – 35 points
  7. Ashfield School 2  – 26 points

Street Golf Competition

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