The Samworth Church Academy

Uniform & Dress Code

Samworth Church Academy is a business-like environment.  We want to prepare our young people for the world of work and we want their dress and general appearance to reflect this.  Here are some guidelines which we hope will bring some clarity.  When students arrive at the Academy they should be smartly dressed.  This means: 


  • Academy Blazer
  • White shirt/blouse with top button fastened
  • Academy tie with sensible knot
  • Black trousers or Academy skirt
  • Black shoes


  • Students are not allowed piercings of any kind and jewellery is limited to one watch (not an apple watch).  Bracelets and wrist bands should not be worn.

General Appearance

  • If worn, make up should be discreet and appropriate
  • No coloured nail varnish, acrylic nails or false nails are permitted
  • Hair colour natural and hair styles not deemed extreme
  • No hats, caps or hoods are to be worn in school other than for religious reasons
  • If belts are to be worn they must be black, discrete and appropriate
  • No badges are to be worn on blazers other than those that are issued by the Academy

Appearance and the way students present themselves is clearly a reflection of their attitude to learning in the Academy.  It also influences how they are seen by other people.

All new students joining The Samworth Church Academy will receive the following items of uniform free of charge:

  • Blazer
  • Logoed Blouses/Shirts
  • Long Sleeved Sweater
  • School Tie
  • PE Shorts
  • PE Polo Shirt
  • PE Socks

All  purchases of uniform should be made through The Schoolwear Centre.  Please note the uniform policy is such that items must have the school logo on them. 

Please click here to view the uniform price list and supplier contact details.

Please click here to download the Uniform Guidance Information


Uniform can be ordered online via the following link: