The Samworth Church Academy

Teaching Staff:  

Mr D Munnings, Team Leader of Mathematics

Miss A Sharpe, Second in Mathematics

Mr B Goacher, Sixth Form Pupil Premium Coordinator

Mr G Mills, Associate Team Director of Experience

Mrs T Reeves, Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs M Wilkinson, Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Y Campbell, Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs R Mapp, Teaching Assistant/Teacher of Mathematics

Mr I James, Team Director of Teaching and Learning

Mr C Storey, Director of Support


Welcome to The Samworth Church Academy Maths Department. Our department continues to improve and develop. The exciting changes in the Mathematics’ National Curriculum allow us, more so then ever to encourage students to explore mathematics, model everyday maths problems and conduct investigations to solve complex problems. Reflecting our successful year of both KS4 and KS5 results, 2016 has seen us have the largest ever uptake of A level Mathematics.  

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