The Samworth Church Academy

English Department

Teaching Staff:  

Mrs C Stendall, Team Leader of English

Mrs E Mottram, Teacher of English, Team Director Deep Support

Ms T Gorski, Teacher of English

Mrs C Humber, Teacher of English and Media

Ms S Danvers, Teacher of English

Mr C Allott, Teacher of English and Team Leader of Media

Ms J Tutt, Teacher of English

Ms M Croteau, Teacher of English

Mr B Copestake, Teacher of English

Mr A Tandy, Teacher of English/ Teaching Assistant

Mr J Rogers, Teacher of English

Miss H Barker English Intervention/ Teacher of English

Miss A Holden, English Intervention

Mrs H Akers, Teacher of English

Ms L Wiltshire, Teacher of English

Welcome to The Samworth Church Academy English Department, where we travel back in time and journey into the far corners of the Earth.  As an innovative and proactive department, we are constantly re-writing the curriculum to enhance the quality of teaching and learning: this year, we have added the study of A Midsummer’s Night Dream and incorporated Literacy lessons across the year groups. Highly engaging lessons are planned and delivered, and our students are encouraged to excel.  As is the Academy motto, we expect all our students to be the best they can be so that they can progress from simple identification, to writing an evaluative response. We offer a wide range of support and intervention, where necessary, in order to allow our students to achieve this.   

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