Summer School

The Samworth Church Academy is pleased to invite our new Year 7 to Summer School. This will run from the 23rd August till 27th August and is free to all students who hold a place with us. The times of the week are 9am till 2pm, and a free lunch is provided for all students. If you would like your child to attend Summer School, please fill in the form here.

This exciting opportunity will allow students to meet their new classmates and become familiar with our fantastic building and friendly staff.

Students will explore J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit through the many subjects we offer at the Academy, giving them an introduction to the full curriculum. 

Each morning students will be given the opportunity to explore one of our five Academy values. They will move onto engaging in some lessons and activities which will include some core lessons and EBACC subjects. 

After lunch, students will be on rotation Monday to Wednesday to participate in: Technology, Sports and Performing Arts. A Performing Arts workshop will be delivered by Mansfield Palace Theatre, who have kindly agreed to support us during the week. Thursday afternoon will be dedicated to wellbeing, making sure that students are prepared for the start of Year 7 and know how and where to access support across the Academy.

We ask that students wear comfortable clothes and shoes, suitable for sport and performing arts. Students should also bring their own pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, and their copy of The Hobbit. 

We look forward to seeing you.