Parent Information Evening - 6.00 pm Monday 7th June 2021

In the evening there will be a further opportunity for students and parents to meet with Academy staff and the tutors.

Individual Interviews - 14th - 25th June 2021

Year 6 students who have chosen the Academy as their first choice of secondary school will be invited with their parents to attend an individual interview with a member of Academy staff. The interviews will provide the opportunity to:

  • Meet the students and parents personally
  • Discuss students’ curricular and wider curricular interests
  • Share Academy attendance expectations
  • Discuss KS2 SAT levels/SEN and G&T provision
  • Sign the Home/School Learning Agreement
  • Share any concerns regarding transition

Induction Dates

Year 6 students who have chosen the Academy as their first choice of secondary school will be invited to spend three days at The Samworth Church Academy Monday 5th July 2021 - Wednesday 7th July 2021.   On these days we expect students to make their own way to the Academy and be dressed in their primary school uniform.  The Induction Day Programme will include a range of activities aimed at making students feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome at The Academy. The day will include:

  • A sample of the Year 7 curriculum
  • Familiarisation with the school building
  • Testing to establish baseline academic achievement


SEN Visits from Teaching Assistants

Summer Term

Each of our Feeder Primary Schools has a designated teaching assistant (TA) who will visit students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and arrange extra activities and provision to ease their transition into secondary school. To find out which schools they visit click here.  Information will also be gathered and visits planned if apropriate for those students who will be transitioning from primary schools not classed as Feeder Primary Schools.

Core Subject Activity Days

Summer Term

In addition to the visits from our teaching assistants, teaching staff from the 3 core subject areas – Maths, English and Science – will run ‘fun’, subject specific activities in the primary schools. For more details please contact the Academy on (01623) 663450.

Open Evening - 15th September 2021 (To be confirmed)

For parents interested in their children attending the Academy September 2022.

Summer School 

For details of the Summer School for this year we recommend contacting The Samworth Church Academy directly on (01623) 663450.