You may be aware that during March each year, we begin a process to support and guide students who are choosing their optional GCSE courses. Every student is different and will have varied talents and ambitions and we pride ourselves on having a wide range of subjects for students to choose from. It is crucial that each individual student is on a programme that gives them the highest possible chance of success and our process helps guide students and parents through this. This year, the national lockdown has delayed this slightly whilst we adjust our usual plans, but these are now outlined below.

Week commencing Monday, 8th March – a narrated presentation, to explain the whole process, will be available on the Academy website. This will provide information for families to consider and outline the process and timescales involved. Brief overview videos for each subject available will also be provided by our subject staff. These will enable students to understand the content of the subject and the opportunities the subjects bring. Email addresses of subject staff will be provided so families can ask any further questions.

Tuesday 16th March – a live online chat opportunity with myself will take place to clear up any outstanding issues regarding the process or how certain subjects lead to progression in later education or careers. Further information on how to join this online meeting will be provided just prior to the event (via student academy email addresses) but it will take place using your child’s Microsoft Teams account (the same one they currently use for their remote learning).

Whilst acknowledging we cannot guarantee students will be able to study all of their first-choice subjects, we will do all we can to ensure that every student makes the right guided choices for them. If we can do anything to help throughout then please do let me know by emailing

We look forward to working alongside you in this process.