The Samworth Church Academy

Residential Trips

The following residential experiences are offered by the Academy on an annual basis:


Every year all our year 7 students are invited to attend a five-day residential, increase their self-confidence and independence whilst learning outside the classroom. They learn how to conduct themselves safely and responsibly in an outdoor environment, work as part of a team towards a shared goal, develop confidence in unfamiliar surroundings and to develop a greater understanding of the natural British landscape.  It is held at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire organized by The Bushcraft Company for a residential with a difference, taking students into the wild and giving them real back-to-nature experiences they will never forget.

Students become immersed in the natural world and leave with a real appreciation for and understanding of it. Whether they are cooking river trout over an open fire, building shelters to sleep in, or learning how to navigate through dense woodland, the outdoor adventures are amazing and educational. Students are accommodated in single sex bell tents and take a well needed break away from technology.

Time spent on a residential offers a fantastic opportunity for students to interact away from the distractions of everyday school life, taking them out of their comfort zones and encouraging both independence and teamwork. By the end of the residential, the students will leave with a new sense of self-sufficiency and confidence.

Bushcraft Company Brochure


Round Square International Conference

Every year the RSIC is hosted by a different Round Square Region, on rotation, within the host region and between the region and Round Square Worldwide. As global members of Round Square five of our sixth form students are invited annually and so far we have attended RSIC’s in India, Singapore, Switzerland and South Africa.

The Round Square International Conference is held over six to seven days between mid-September (last two weeks) and mid-October (first two weeks) each year and follows a structure traditional to Round Square involving keynote speakers, barazas and activities that embrace both adventure and service. The conference offers a programme designed for students and a programme for adults, which is loaded towards the first two days of proceedings.











CCF Annual Camp

The Cadets are invited on an annual eight-day Central Camp every year where they were put through their paces, completing shooting ranges, camouflage and concealment, map reading, first aid,  and Drill.  A development day forms part of the camp where the cadets take part in high ropes, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, wind surfing and raft building.  All this culminates in a 36-hour exercise which sees the cadets living out in the field under some rather testing weather conditions, completing patrols and various other military tasking’s. On the final day of the camp the cadets take part in several competitions which in 2017 saw them finish a commendable 3rd overall which for a Contingent that has only been running three years is amazing. Cadets that attended a CCF camp will qualify for their Basic and Advanced qualifications and shooting badges respectively.










Romania Service Project Little John’s House

Our 6th Form students are invited to join Gordonstoun school on their annual service project to Romania. Little John’s House is situated in the village of Cisnadioara, which is approximately six miles from the city of Sibiu in the Transylvania region of Romania. The village is typically Romanian and contains a mixture of old and new cultures and although lacking on many basic amenities, it is a very close-knit community.

Over the years, the villagers have accepted the home and some of them are employed as carers therefore benefiting the local community and its economy. Little John’s House also attracts many foreign nationals (especially for the summer school) and has therefore given the community some international recognition.

The Summer School started twenty years ago, with a handful of volunteers looking after the needs of 15 children for a few weeks. Over the years, the Summer School has grown attracting more than 200 local disabled children in 2007 and over 80 international volunteers. During each week of the Summer School we receive around thirty to forty children from the age of 1 to 22 years old with various disabilities, either from private homes, the local hospital and other institutions.





Financial Assistance

The Academy offers financial assistance in two ways:

Savings Club

The Academy operates a savings club where parents can make rgular payments.  The money is held in a separate bank account from the Academy's normal account.  Parents can track the money they have paid in and instruct us how they wish that money to be used.  If you wish to use this facility a bank mandate is available on the website.

Opportunity Trust

The Academy has an endowment fund set up by our sponsors.  The aim of the trust is to assist students who, because of financial reasons, would not be able to access all aspects of the wider curriculum.  Students wishing to make an application should, in the first instance, talk to their school leader.